Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day! ♥

             Everyday is earth to me so I don't need a marked day to celebrate but I'll take it! It's finally raining here today, so it's the perfect gift for our planet on this special day, and I'm just delighted! Our potatoes are up and growing good without a lick of water, just amazes me! My garden is happy for the rain and so am I!
     And I'm about to make one of the 18 who entered in my Earth Day giveaway a happy camper today, wish I had enough books to send to all of you but I'm not rich in that way! On to the winner, picked #5 and that belongs to Cathrine of Cathrine's Vintage Style and Linens! Congrats to you girl, just send me your mailing info. so I can get the book to you.  I've been following Cathrine for about a year or so, ever since I learned that she's from the same desert I am, kinda sorta? She lives in Ariz., and I grew in Nevada so it's close enough! But, I love the desert photos she shares and I can't forget about all her vintage linens. Pay her a visit soon, she's down to earth and would love the company!
       I'm thinking it's a good day to make some soup for supper, a new recipe too. And, I've got a big giveaway in mind when my followers hit 300, just 2 more to go and I'm thrilled to know that I'm not that boring! lol  I just love sharing what I love, know and learn with you all. So, stay tuned for that and please don't follow me just for the giveaway, I don't want the numbers if your not interested in my blog as a favorite. Ok, I"m off to play in the kitchen and whip up some soup, so enjoy your day and keep a eye out when I hit 300!


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