Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shabby Spaces

Leave it to Country Living to come up with a shabby space to call your own no matter how small your home is, this closet was made to be a office! I just wish I had a closet to transform, but I"m blessed to have a craft room all to myself but this spot sure is sweet! Which brings me to my post today, I'm wondering how to transform a drop ceiling into a warm addition that will fit into my decor? The ceilings in this house are the only thing left untouched and for some odd reason, all are drop ceilings except the bathroom and kitchen, and I hate the dropped look. I'm pondering the idea of painting or staining them but not sure how that will go over? I'd like to paint the metal frames black to match my decor but something has to be done with the white inserts? Anyone got any ideas or have tackled such a project?


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