Friday, March 19, 2010

Pioneer Woman Movie!

In case you haven't heard all the buzz, hear it here first, The Pioneer Woman is making a movie! Black Heels to Tractor Wheels is a story she began writing in 2007 with a possible movie deal soon. Ree is working on her second book as I type and I can't wait for it and the movie! Who do you think should play her? A big name star is interested, can you guess who? Now, if your a friend on my facebook page, you already know, cuz Ree announced this today. Just goes to show you what a little blogging can do! Congrats Ree, looking forward to all your endeavors!

Ok, back to real life here.....can you tell I'm a fan of the Pioneer Woman? lol Don't forget my little Easter Blessings Giveaway, you have till Sunday at noon to get entered, all the memories of Easter have been a delight to read, thank you all. I hope spring has hit your part of the world, it has here, only to be disrupted this weekend with colder temps. and a chance of snow! I knew there was a reason why the snow shovel is still on the porch! Blessings and buds abound!


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