Thursday, March 25, 2010

Garden Wish List

In less than a week, April will be here, followed by Easter and my favorite season, planing season! I'm searching the web for garden ideas, as I'm having my super sweet hubby build me 3 new flower beds, the first one is done and just waiting on dirt, who would of ever thought I'd be buying dirt! Last spring we bought a dump truck full, it turned out to be the worse dirt ever! The ad promised it was river bottom soil, but it wasn't, it was a sad excuse for used dirt that had more weed seeds than dirt! But, after tons of weeding, our raised beds produced in spite of their growing conditions, and thanks to free manure from the stock yard! A lesson learned.

I'd love a water feature, like the one above, that one is perfect for our place! Better yet, a small goldfish pond would be ideal, in my mind. My hubby would say other wise, tempting critters too close to the house. I want a secret garden, or room too, covered in flowering vines with a bench in the middle, complete with candle light, or a hanging chandelier, have you seen those made for outside? Of course, I'd find a old one from a old house, paint it a shabby color of blue and replace the light bulbs with candles.

A butterfly garden is on my wish too also. Have you heard that the monarch's are in danger! Join me, won't you in planting more flowers for the butterflies! I can't imagine our planet without butterflies or bees for that matter, can you?

What's on your garden wish list this year? I'd love to see your garden too, so if you have photos posted from last year, please leave us a link so we can take a peek! Off to start some seeds indoors so my hands can rejoice in playing in some good, clean dirt!


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