Friday, February 05, 2010


I can see the light or end in this case, of winter and I'm ready! But you got to admit, each season has it's own beauty and reason, even winter! I do love to take a drive after a snowfall, I brake for barns! These photos here were taken before and after our last snowfall, 8 inches last week. Our place, Hill Top Haven is in the middle, all snug under a fresh blanket of white and it's still here in spots with a chance more Sunday night. But spring will be here soon, seeds and garden gadgets are ready to buy in many stores now, plans are being made in my head of new flower beds, more veggies and a bigger herb garden.

Winter is also a good time to get those projects out of the way so you can play once it warms up. Remember my son's house that I offered to help with, I've been painting all week, just about every wall is getting a fresh coat of paint, trim and all. The kitchen is my favorite room to tackle, so I'll be posting before and after photos, I'm hoping to make the biggest difference in there, after all, it's the heart of the home so it needs the most attention. We will start that tomorrow.

Valentines are coming in almost daily from my old fashioned card swap, so I'll be sharing them all with you once all have their way here, and you will be sorry you didn't join in, these little treasures sure have made the winter fun! But no regrets, you can always join us next year! I also won a new cookbook from Not Quite June Cleaver. A pie bake book, full of yummy delights, and she's giving away another copy, so here's your chance to enter again! And remember you have till Sunday to enter my Valentines giveaway, just scroll down to that post and leave me a comment. I think I'm caught up for now, enjoy your weekend and the rest of what winter has to offer!


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