Thursday, January 07, 2010

WInter Woes

        Well, 2010 is in full swing and Mother Nature is bent on breaking records with highs today only making it to 18 and sub zero temps over night thanks to that nasty wind chill factor! I said after last years ice storms that I'd never complain about the snow again, and I'm not, but I wish the temps. would act more normal and the wind chill would head up north where it belongs! Not that I wish this weather on anyone, but northerns are more used to this, we aren't! Our normal highs in January are the low 40's, oh how I wish for normal temps. again!  How I miss normal! 2009 didn't have normal weather so I was really hoping this new year would start out good. I know I'm not alone here, and it's really pretty but.........I'm thinking about spring already!

      Everyone seems to be focused on the New Year but what about the new decade were entering, almost like a double second  chance or do over! I know it's just days adding up to months, but the years are passing way to quickly for me and I have alot I still want to do before I get too old to do them! How's your resolutions coming along? I'm crafting today, making valentines for the upcoming swap and I'm trying to eat less but this cold weather zaps my energy and I crave comfort foods and hot soups! I'm staying faithful to my happiness journal and finding it pretty easy to record a few happy thoughts a day. How are you doing?

      Back to the valentine swap, if you signed up, please email me your mailing info. and email addy for the master list. Below are my two email addresses as some have trouble contacting me, if all fails, you can always get ahold of on my facebook page.
If you like to join us in making and sending handmade valentine cards, just scroll down that post to sign up and then email me your information. The deadline to do is Jan. 10. All are welcomed and you won't be sorry! Got to get back to my craft table, so stay warm, live true and be safe out there, Mother Nature is not in a good mood!


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