Friday, January 15, 2010

Valentine Swap Update

          Well girls, the list went out yesterday for the valentine swap but somehow between leaving me and reaching you, it got all scrambled and what a mess! This happened to me the first year I believe so I'm having to redo it and resend it so look for it again over the weekend and hopefully this time, it will come through as I sent it, all nice and neat?  Till then, hope you are having fun making your valentines, I am. If you need ideas for more cute ideas for your home or office, check out Better Homes & Gardens where I found this cute banner.

    I see you are all hot to trot for my hottie giveaway, I was surprise to find over 50 comments left over the first night and still climbing, how fun! I'll be wrapping that giveaway up on the 22nd. so you still have time to get entered, just scroll down to that post. I'm having fun finding goodies to make up this giftie pack, I love giving stuff away and sharing apart of my world with you! Thanks again for visiting and have fun making those valentines, and in a short time your mailbox will be showered in pretty cards, enjoy!


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