Friday, January 22, 2010

Hottie Giveaway Winner

            This will be short and sweet as blogger took forever to upload my post, but thanks to I have a winner! Down on the Farm is the lucky girl who will recieve a package of hot drink goodies! Congrats to Down on the Farm! There was no name or email to be found so I hope she is checking this cuz I need your mailing info. so I can pop your  goodies in the mail!  You all were hot to trot for this giveaway, we do love our  hot drinks in the winter, don't we? And it seems like the favorites among the 80 plus who entered are mine too: coffee, tea and hot cocoa! Thanks to all who entered and keep a eye or two on my blog for a Valentines giveaway in the works! Till then, click on Prairie Flower Farm's button on the right for a sweet giveaway of her own! Good luck to all and me!


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