Thursday, December 31, 2009

The New Year

     A new you, a new me......anything is possible! Like most, I make wishes for the New Year, resolutions seem strong to me, maybe that is why they are hard from me to keep? There is so much I have yet to do, learn and share, I have no idea where to begin.  I am looking forward to starting my happiness journal tomorrow. I'm taking the challenge of finding and recording what makes me happy everyday for the whole year of 2010.  I'm really hooked on The Happiness Project that I posted about one day last week. I hope to gain even more inspiration by seeking happiness and sharing it in word, for others to find and read one day. Is anyone else here tagging along on this idea? I hope so, because if we seek, we shall find!

     The annual weight loss challenge is on too, but this year, I'm trying something different, a more natural approach. My Tasty Tuesday posts will remain the same, and I may include some more healthy recipes but I love to cook and bake and won't give that up, I'll just limit our intake and step up the challenge by finding better choices. It's been proven, you can lose weight and still enjoy the good stuff, you just don't eat a whole lot of it. So, we shall see.

    I plan to be more creative this year also. I want to learn digital scrapbooking and would LOVE to learn how to make blogger backgrounds, but first I must get over my fear of html, which I don't understand at all? And I will master sewing patterns sometime this year, I want to learn to make aprons. They seem so simple but the patterns get me confused and lost. I haven't read or used a pattern since Home Making 101 in the 7th grade!

    My list isn't big, but I hope to become a better woman because of it. I want my granddaughters to know that you can do anything you put your mind too! Life is short and in the end, I want to be remembered by my gifts that God gave me. But a gift was meant to be shared, given away and passed on. The best re-gift is your talents! Happy New Year friends, I wish bright blessings for you all!


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