Friday, December 18, 2009

The Happiness Project

     Bet you thought I had another recipe to share, didn't you? Even though I'm tempted too, but instead, I'm sharing a wonderful idea with you for the New Year, which is just around the corner.  There's a new book coming out at the end of the month, and I wish it was out now so I could add it to my wish list for Santa but the concept of the book has a website so that's just as good, for now.  Have you heard of the "Happiness Project"?  Gretchen Rubin is the author and founder of this wonderful project, where she took a year and found happiness each day, and you can too! On the website, she shares many ways to achive happiness, start a daily journal and tons of ways to just be happy! I was hooked! Who wouldn't want to be happy, esp. everyday and then pass it onto others, I love this idea! So, I'm gonna buy myself a pretty journal and on January 1st. start my happiness journal, where I will find happiness everyday or have fun trying!  This can only improve one's life, enhance it and make one realize how blessed we are, no matter what!

      So, come join me won't you, what do you have to lose? And what a New Year it can be, truly! Head on over to "The Happiness Project" and look for her book soon. I think I've finally found a New Year's resolution I can commit to and see some progress, I can hardly wait! Oh, and Family Circle has a little spot devoted to this also, so it has to be good! And there's also a Facebook group too! Let me know if you join us, and we can go hunting for happiness together!


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