Thursday, December 10, 2009

Edible Crafts

      Edible crafts, oh my! I feel in love with this fun site for all the adorable Christmas goodies you can make, eat and give. Just look at those little snowmen, they are mini powered donuts, cute huh!  And graham crackers never looked so good! So, grab a cup of coffee and head over to get some yummy ideas that will surely make you the sweetest Santa around! Edible crafts can be found right here.

     Got a good start on the next giveaway, were sitting at 21 as of today, remember you have till Sunday to get entered for the snowman set that is so cute! Speaking of snowmen, if we had snow it would make more sense of this bitter cold front that has come way too early for these parts. It was 1 degree this morning with the nasty old wind chill factor, this hardly happens in January let alone early December but warmer days are ahead, 50 for Monday, a heat wave. I know I'm not alone so keep warm and cozy out there!


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