Saturday, November 07, 2009

Thrifty Thinking

With our hearts full of gratitude and our minds busy with holiday planning, my thoughts are leaning towards winter, just a little. The heater has been on for a month now, propane isn't any cheaper than last year and my little ole pantry isn't full. The harshness of knowing that if my hubby lost his job today, we wouldn't make it very far is sad, but true. We are one of too many households that live paycheck to paycheck. The only comfort in this is our track record so far, we have always made it. Alot of credit goes to being thrifty, conservative and alot of hard work, all of which I am proud of. God does provide for those who provide for themselves.

With this in mind, I've been doing a little research this week and silly me, didn't write down all the links to the great ideas I found. But a simple click to google will take you where you need to go. I found a blog where they feed their family for under $20 a week. I thought about this, could I do it? And I might try, it will be hard especially since we have a family dinner on Mondays and the kids might wonder what got into Grandma, but I think the challenge would be interesting and my budget would be happy!

Alot of bloggers are making all their Christmas gifts this year, ALL of them. I love this idea, and keep saying each year how I'd love to do that just one year. Of course, you'd have to start early but what fun and how special those gifts would be. Keepsakes really! Jar recipes have always been popular to make and receive, and from the research, they have really been upgraded! I found a site and I do have that link for you, where they have a jar gift for just about anything or anyone, even your pet! Check out All Free Crafts for some neat and cleaver ideas, it's also a great way to use up some of those canning jars we tend to hoard.

Being thrifty is hip these days and I'm all for that! Now, onto my pantry, it needs to be filled before winter, but first we must take note and get it ready for the holidays. Make a check list and yes, there are even printable pantry lists you can download, some in pretty patterns to make the chore even better. I enjoy stocking my pantry, even more so, doing it cheaply. I scan the Wednesday ads for each store and plot my course of action. I hit the stores that offer what I need at what my budget will allow for that week. If a staple comes on sale, I will stock up as much as I can. Flour freezes well, and most baking supplies will last for sometime without much waste. Canned goods are always a good investment. One blogger used her down stair shower as a pantry, showing you can turn just about anything into a storage space.

Winter always worries me, last year we had a record ice storm and many in my area lost power for weeks, we never did. But, I like to be prepared in case we do, having a backup plan eases the worry and concern, so try to have a plan B, just in case. We can only prepare so much, but I think if we work at it to take care of ourselves, we can make it through just about anything, and with Gods grace, we will.


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