Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Day of Fall Giveaway

I know, this is late, not my fault! After replacing the tower for DSL, they had to replace the cable and I'm on day 4 of shotty service, in and out. Not their fault but so frustrating. I've been trying to post this since yesterday, so hopefully it will go through today?
To honor the first day of fall, I'm hosting a quickie giveaway. Since I have to mail out the Grandma giveaway on Friday, I'll mail this one too so you have it in plenty of time to add to your fall home decor. All you got to do is leave me a post here, anything about fall will do. I'll pick the winner early Friday morning, so good luck! More giveaways will be headed your way. I love fall and I love to give stuff away! Now, back to making my house all cozy for fall, almost done. Photos soon. Happy First Day of Fall, ya all!


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