Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts

I just love blue flowers, even the invasive Morning Glory, they are blooming now each morning, covering my arch, making me smile. I can't resist a pretty flower! August is proving to resemble June, with mild fall like weather. I'm noticing the trees are starting to turn, leaves are yellowing and falling. Seems early to me, but Mother Nature knows best, I hope? Makes me wonder though, what lies ahead....I'm getting in the clean out, stock up mode. How about you? Do you change things up with the seasons? Do you like change? I welcome it in most cases, I don't like boredom!

Today is the anniversary of losing Julia Child, she passed away in 2004. I'm still waiting for the movie "Julie and Julia" to make it to my small town movie house and all her books are checked out at the library with a waiting list. But her PBS cooking show is coming back next month and they will also be releasing a DVD set. In her honor, I'll be making one of her famous chocolate cakes soon, just a little Julia fix till I can see the movie or get my hands on one of her books.

Have you left me a comment yet for my summer giveaway, it ends the 15th so you have till Saturday to get entered. Just scroll down to the post about the giveaway and share your favorite part of the summer with us. I'll draw a winner on Sunday, after church and lunch. Good luck!

Fall is only 40 days away, I think I can hold out to decorate till then, maybe? School starts here next week too, before we know it, it will be Christmas and then another new year. Why does time go by faster the older you get? Just a thought for today.......


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