Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Julie & Julia

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for this movie to come out! I don't go to the movies often, I can't justify spending $7 for one when I can rent several and view them at home. Ok, I'm cheap, frugal, thrifty...but I like getting all I can for my money. But once in a awhile a movie begs me to attend and not wait for it to come out on DVD and this one is the latest! I love Meryl and have seen all her movies, she sure does a good Julia! I can remember watching Julia Child growing up along with the Galloping Gourmet, probably with my Mom. Maybe that is why I love to cook and bake? This movie looks funny and I love that it's two true stories in one! And what fun it would of been to be Julie, blogging about making all of Julia's recipes! Who else is going to see this movie?

My friend and fellow Sue over at Not Quite June Cleaver is hosting a giveaway based on this movie event. She's whipping up one of her famous aprons to be sent along with Julies book " Julie and Julia-my year of cooking dangerously" should be a fun read! Just head over to Sue's blog and get signed up. I hope I win! lol


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