Monday, July 27, 2009

Day Trippin

Nothing like just taking off for a little day trippin, and that's just what we did over the weekend. We headed out in search of a couple state parks that we've never been too and came highly recommended. A nice 2 hour country drive later, we arrived at Johnson's Shut-ins. This place was created by a volcano billions of years ago, truly amazing. In case you don't know what a shut in is, and we didn't either, it's a river bed where the floor was ripped through by lava forming "shut ins" a series of rock formations that hold in the water. A fun place to swim, almost like in a maze. I have photo's posted on my Flickr page here if you'd like to see more.
The two photos I did post were taken at the second park, Elephant Rocks. That's my hubby standing in front of one rock, this boulder is small compared to many there. I was more impressed by this park for the simple fact that the rocks are awesome! Found by a quarry owner but in the same volcano region. In fact this area was once a volcano about 10 miles wide. If you are ever in doubt simply looking at such marvels like these will reassure you. I was in awe! We walked the path and maze to the top where we could see the whole valley below. I have more photos on my Flickr page of the rocks and lake .
A day trip like this is almost better than a vacation, you get away but not too far and you take in your states natural beauty. We plan to return with kids in tow in the fall when the leaves have turned, it will be stunning! So, needless to say, I haven't had time to bake the yummy recipes I posted during the week but the root beer float cake will be baked this weekend for my oldest son's birthday. One more thing, if you signed up for the tag pad swap, please email me with your mailing info so I can get the list together and the pad in the mail. Happy Monday!


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