Monday, July 20, 2009

A Country Pleasure

I don't know why Mondays are dreaded so? Sure, they mark the end of a weekend but they mark the start of a brand new week and the way you accept Monday can shape the whole outlook for the week. So, cherish your Monday morning, seek and find the simple pleasures that will take you through the week with a positive outlook and see if your week doesn't end in a peaceful, calm way. We do control our way of thinking!

Last night, we took a drive out in the country, just took a county road and drove to see where it ended up. It was a simple act, a peaceful and relaxing way to spend time together. We saw many deer who didn't mind that we were raiding their solitude, they watched us as we stopped to watch them. A spotted fawn showed no fear. We found a true country pleasure.

This old barn full of hay for winter feeding doesn't look like much to us, but to the farmer it means survival. Mondays we should prepare to survive the week, not dread the days ahead. Seek and find the little pleasures that your world offers you, it's a great exercise in simplicity that can be contagious! Find a road and drive off to explore sometime, what you find may surprise you! Happy Monday!


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