Friday, June 19, 2009

Motherhood book winner

Day 19 of a month of me is a hot one! When it's too hot to go outside I get crafty, so I put together this scrapbook page for my wall, it's two of my grand daughters who had their photo taken the same time, same poise and same charm! This is May and Chloe. One of the best things about becoming a Mom is becoming a grandma! So, with that in mind, guess who's name got plucked out of the basket? A fellow grandma..........Marybeth! Congrats girl, I'll be sending you a book related to grandmas since this giveaway just turned that way! lol

Back to the heat, amazing for June and no relief in sight for the next 7 days? I'm hoping it will all even it's self out by a cool July or early fall, something's gotta give! What's your weather like where you are? Normal for June? I've got a wedding to go to tomorrow, a friends daughter and I'm doing the photography as a gift, wouldn't you know it, the wedding is outside! Should be fun no matter how hot it is, who doesn't love a wedding?


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