Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cupcakes for Everyone!

Day 2 of this month of me will be sweet, cupcakes for everyone! I love cuppies, they are the perfect portion control needed to stay on a diet. These cuties were snagged over at Flickr, I would love to know how to decorate cupcakes like this! Custom cupcakes are all the rage now and some are little works of art, just amazing!

I have a weakness for desserts, always have ever since my Dad used to deliever Mother's Cookies and he'd bring the truck home overnight, and if we got hungry, he'd let us go out and raid the truck, it must of began then......I really love to bake desserts and Christmas time with the best. Nothing can compare to a homemade cheesecake. But my heart belongs to cuppies now, your own little cake in a cup, all dolled up cute and sweet! I will master the art of icing them, it's on my to learn list. My favorite cupcake flavor will have to be chocoalte with caramel icing unless you know of one that beats chocolate?

So, grab yourself a cuppie and raise it high in a toast to all things sweet in life!


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