Tuesday, May 12, 2009

National Scrapbooking Month

May is National Scrap booking Month in case you didn't know. I'm a scrapper and I have devoted a whole wall in my craft room to framed scrap book pages, I just hate to hide them away in a book, I love to see them everyday! I have one done for our dog, Louie, a English Mastiff that we rescued years ago, he's more like a kid than a dog with a mind of his own, and as big as he is, he gets his way most of the time.
My favorite pages are those of the grand kids, they are so fun to scrap and the ideas are endless. This one features Grandpa's hats, seems the little ones always like to wear the big hats. I haven't scrapped much lately, but I plan too, it's time to swap out the wall photos. If your a scrapper too, I'd love to hear from you. My next venture is digital scrapping, I really want to learn, its amazing what can be done on a computer now. Just wanted to share some shots with you to celebrate such a fun hobby!


  1. You're into so many things I can hardly keep up with you. Taking care of your family, scrapping, decorating, cooking, giveawaying ... is that even a word? :) You put me to shame, my sweet friend. xxoo

  2. I love scrapbooking! I think they need to be displayed more like you did it. :) Yours are really nice. Yes that was the book under my compote it came really fast actually, in less than a week. You shipped it Monday and I got it that Friday! Yay. :)

    All the best,

  3. Oh Louie is so cute! He would have fun with our grand doggy Brady, a Bull Mastiff. It would be neat to see a dog bigger than Brady for a change! Brady is like a spolied kid too.

    Great idea framing the pages for wall art!

  4. I love to scrapbook too but haven't had much time to get it lately. I would like to see your wall of pages, that is a great idea.

  5. You know, I just never could get into scrapbooking. I like looking at what people have done, but to do it myself? No can do.
    I admire those who have the patience to do this craft. :)

  6. That page with the grand kids is just too cute!
    ♥, Susan


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