Friday, April 24, 2009

Vintage Apron Giveaway

Sue at Not Quiet June Cleaver is at it again with another sweet apron giveaway, this time a vintage apron to honor National Wear Your Apron day. Just head over to her lovely blog and leave a comment about aprons of course, and your in! As you know, I love aprons and am collecting them, so whenever I find a way to add to my collection for free, I'm sharing it here with my fellow apron sisters! Good luck to us!

Well, Mother Nature must not own a calendar because our weather is not normal for April, but for June? We hit 82 yesterday and will do it again today, and that mean ole wind is back causing havoc with my head! But it hasn't stopped me from getting out and cleaning out the flower beds as we wait on the arrival of a load of top soil. We've ordered a dump truck full for the raised beds, and we hope to get them in before the heavy rains come early next week. Spring chores are plenty, so many wants and plans. Happy Friday to all!


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