Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

I'm such a sucker for a pretty face, I just can't pass up purple flowers! It's Earth Day, are you doing something green for our planet? I'm planting flowers today, finally! The wind has moved on only to return tomorrow so today I'm getting my flowers in the ground, and taking a blogging break here and there. We've warmed up nicely, but with this cold, I'm having to run in more often to blow my nose. But it sure feels good to be outside! Everyday should be Earth Day in my book!

I was reading about a new book that is out, "Throw out Fifty Things" clear the clutter, find your life. Now I don't know about you, but I'm not sure if I could throw out 50 things? I could however go out into my hubby's shop and find at least 50 things that need to be thrown out! I'm finding the older I get, I treasure my things more, not to be confused with possessions, but things that mean alot to me, or make me happy. I think they are important to have, to share and display with pride. I love my collections, photos, china and aprons. I'm not one for clutter, everything in my home is displayed tastefully with reason. I can't imagine living in a house without the owners personality decorating the place, can you? This reasoning has matured over the years, as I have. Could you throw out 50 things?

Take flowers, I can't resist them, they make me happy and they make the world more beautiful, so I buy first and find a spot later, just so I know I have them to enjoy. A addiction, maybe but I could think of worse things to be addicted too! I hope you too are enjoying this Earth Day, and that you will join me in planting more flowers whenever you can, let's make everyday Earth Day!


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