Thursday, March 05, 2009

Rejoice and Recover

I just had to share my joy with you this morning. We all have our favorite blogs, have gotten attached to the owners who have made a great impact on us and we feel their pain as well as their happyness. If I had to choose just one blog that was my all time favorite, this one would be it. This is a true story.

Take a Mary Tyler Moore wannabe, give her a great job in the Oil Industry where she can enjoy the good life, travel, buy and restore an old historical house in Texas where she can garden and bake. Add a chocolate lab puppy to the mix and you have a thrilling life. Then the price of gas soars out of control causing her to lose her 6 figure income and the life style she has come to treasure. Months of job seeking go by without a lead. But all this time, her faith has remained strong, her giving heart continues to share her wealth of insight, faith, and hope. She sells her belongings and treasures to keep the lights on, her vehicle is next to go and she hangs onto hope a little tighter. She is amazing! She shares her ups and downs with her followers, and we pray together.

This morning I checked her blog before I checked my own, and our prayers have been answered! A angel knocked on her door and opened the door to her future, offered to house her dream, a bakery of her own. She is soaring and we are rejoicing! God is good. After all the heartache, struggle,and loss, this girl is saved, she is blessed. And for all who read her, we have the power of prayer in our hearts and the proof that all things are possible!


  1. That is an amazing story. I'm not sure that I know who she is, but I sure am happy for her and rejoicing along with y'all.

    Have a great day, Sue!

  2. Thanks for posting the amazing story.!! It gives hope and inspiration to us all during these difficult times...

  3. Great positive story. So which blog is it? I don't read her yet and would like to.

  4. Wonderful story, Sue.

    In the recession of the 80's, I lost my job and my marriage. In fact the divorce was final, on my last day of work. I collected unemployment for awhile,then took a job in a quilt shop, sewing,hoping to get back on my feet. I saw an ad for a new Famous Barr (now Macy's) that was about to open. I applied for a job I didn't think I was "classy" enough for, but was hired anyway!

    Many of the employees of this new Famous Barr, in 1981, were like me...jobless in the recession. I met a woman who worked there,who knew J from childhood. She introduced us and the rest is history. So, I am certainly thankful, for those closed and opened doors of nearly thirty years ago.

  5. Oh those are the kind of stories we need to keep our faith soaring! Wonderful, wonderful!


  6. what a wonderful story..thanks for sharing..:)

  7. Great news about Brin's good luck. I just read her post and am so happy for her.

    I know you're probably wondering about me again, but it's been the week from heck and I'll be back soon with the lowdown. Let's just say it's liquor store and the cold weather related. xxoo


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