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Do you know of this gem of a magazine that reflects the simple things and times, where it's ok to wear a apron and take charge? Mary Janes Farm is more than a website where over 7000 farmgirls meet, share and learn, it's also a beautiful magazine with limited ads and pure honest and tried ways to live a healthy life. I love this publication and look forward to it every other month. This month had a feature that caught my eye, "Go Glamour Camping", upon the pages were tales of all women campsites in vintage trailers, eating gourmet food and sleeping in glamour surroundings. This is my kind of camping! I love nature, and have done my fair share of camping but this ole back doesn't adjust to sleeping on the rough ground anymore, and I want a real potty, squatting is for kids!

So now, my mind is in gear to find a old trailer, one that I can glam up, all in pretty girlie colors, tons of softness and my personal stamp all over the place. Wouldn't that be the neatest thing, gather up the girls, plan a glamping trip of our own, cook over a cute little stove, eat off fine china and sleep under the stars and's on my to do list now!

I know alot of farmgirls from the website read me and have blogs of their own, so if you go glamping or want too, please let me know, share your ideas with me and if you know of any cheap, old campers, I'm on the lookout!


  1. See the little turquoise number in the picture? Our family; my mother, father, sister and I spent a winter in Illinois living in a trailer just like that, only it was aluminum color. There was no running water, we had ice delivered to the door. Our only heat was a small electric space heater. No bathroom, since we had no running water. I'll never forget that winter, I was 8. My father was stationed at Chanute AFB, in training for something. The little trailer was 16 ft, by about 7 or 8 ft. At the end of the training, my parents moved up, so to speak. They bought a 27x8 ft trailer and pulled it to Texas, outside of Connolly AFB. We lived in it for a year pr 2 and thought it was a mansion after the tiny trailer. The "big" trailer had a bathroom and shower, one bedroom a real refrigerator and stove and best of all running water. I still think about those two humble homes. It makes me appreciate even more the home we have now.

    Even in those long ago days when I was 8 years old, up to 10 years old, living in these homes, I had the decorating bug. I always paid close attention to other trailers and remember the details of ours, as if it was yesterday.

    You brought back a good memory or two with this post, Sue!

  2. Love this post! Sue, have you seen the turquoise trailer that Fairmaiden of Sea Cottage has? It's so pretty. You can find her link on my blog if you'd like to see it.

    If you get a trailer, I can't wait to see how you'd decorate it. You have such style. xxoo

  3. Hey there Sue, ah a gal that is living the dream I would like..there are two gals that I have on my blog list that are sisters on the fly...Vintage housewife, and maryjane of beehive cottage...go and see their will drool...they are awesome...have a great week...:)

  4. Oh my gosh Sue! You are my kind of woman. I used to want a old airstream to do the same thing with or just to set up for a crafting studio! I hope you find one, I bet it will be easy with this economy. Lots of people selling stuff.

    I have never covered a shade but I think it was Southern Hospitality that did a tutorial on it. She is on my sidebar. Good luck and I can't wait to see how the trailer hunting goes.

  5. Those are so cute! My best friend has a motorhome that is decorated in cottage style! I love the homeyness of it.

    Have a great day, Denise

  6. Me again. I went looking for the lamp shade tutorial and it was with Southern Hospitality on Oct 14th 2008, look under projects and how to's.

  7. So cute! I remember seeing an episode of Country Style on HGTV where some women had decorated little campers and met someplace for get-togethers. What fun that would be!
    I hope you find the perfect camper to glam up. And can't wait to see pics when you do!

  8. Hey, Sue ~

    Do you know MJ farmgirl Maryjane from The Beehive Cottage? Go to this link on her blog for pictures of her "to die for!!" vintage trailer!!:)

    Have fun!

  9. These are so terrific!!! I loved them!!


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