Monday, March 16, 2009


Here is the cutest example of "glampers" that I posted about yesterday, isn't it dreamy? Many thanks to the comments left behind and a special thank you to Cathy for allowing me to use one of her photos. I see I"m in good company in this quest, so happy to hear the stories, and Pat, I don't know how your Mom did it, but I can tell those trailer days were good times for you, thanks for sharing that story. I'll find one someday, these things have a way of finding me when I put my mind to something, and no matter how old I am at the time, you can bet, I'll be "glamping" somewhere in the wild, taming my dream....

I'm also happy to see a few bloggers signed up on Facebook, it's been so much fun chatting with you and connecting with others who share the same ideas and interests. Our weather is gorgeous today, I'm so tempted to get out and clean the flower beds up, rake the mulch away but March is still iffy, so I better wait. But I do have mums coming back and lilies too, I will keep them protected awhile longer. Were getting our raised beds set up, now to shop for a load of dirt to fill them. We are trying the square foot gardening method this year. I am ready to plant!

I sure hope no matter where you live, that you can get out and just take in this day, we are half way through March already, it has to get better from here on out!


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