Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day!

Hubby surprised me with a orchid last night, something I've been wanting for sometime now, so my Valentines day is off to a good start! I hope the same for each and everyone of you, my heart smiles knowing you all! Our youth group is cooking and serving us a valentines dinner tonight so that should be fun! The weather is a little below normal but sunny so only bright thoughts can be had today and for us, today marks 18 years ago since we became engaged, and it really does getter sweeter with time......

As promised and if my computer will behave long enough, I have a winner for my extra cupcake calendar, out of the 9 names entered, I drew out #1, how easy! Congrats to Rondell over at Tomatoe Creek Prims, woohoo!! Rondell, send me your addy and I'll pop the calendar in the mail, enjoy it and I hope you will follow along with me in making each month's featured cuppie!

Like I mentioned above, my computer has had a mind of it's own lately, a evil mind at that, it keeps shutting down on me and not allowing me to get online at all? So, if I'm absent for any length of time, you know why. I'm saving for a new computer, this is 5 yrs. old now and starting to be cranky with me, so it's time to replace it. Plus, my profile photo here hasn't shown up all week, not sure what's up with that? Well, I've got a peanut butter pound cake in the oven for hubby and with things to do before tonight's dinner, I"m off to tackle the day! Happy Valentines Day to you all, love and hugs!


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