Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Crafts

I was in a crafty mood yesterday and got busy making one of my grand daughters a apron when I almost forgot about some Christmas crafts from years past that I thought I would share with you today. These jar candles are so easy and fast to do. I used older jelly jars but really any jar will do. Just trim it in lace or ribbon and place a candle inside and your done! How easy is that and who wouldn't want to receive one as a giftie? I just love mine and plan to make some more soon. You can make these for any occasion or just for fun!

Do you see a theme going on here, yep another canning jar, this one is a big ole canning jar bigger than a quart but you can use a quart if that is all you have. Once again, super easy and fast, just fill the jar with ornaments, trim in ribbon or lace and place a candle on top, now the candle does have to in a glass container to work here. But you get the idea, this can be filled with anything, so go wild!

I'm happy to see more followers get signed up, good luck to you all! You have till Saturday the 20th to sign up for my followers giveaway, I'll draw the winner on Sunday after church so you really have all day Saturday now. I'm digging through boxed to find the goods to send. No hints, a total surprise, not only to you but to me too! lol Back to my apron project, when my 7 yr. old grand daughter asked for a apron, I was surprised but happy to deliver, not to figure out how to make a childs apron from a bandanna, a idea I came up with while going through my fabric stash. Wish me luck!


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