Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tea Time

Another reason I love fall so much is the chilly evenings when a pot of herbal tea hits the spot so I was thrilled to see one of my winter favorites has returned already, Gingerbread Spice Tea. I love this tea after supper while curled up under a warm throw and watching one of our favorite shows on TV. My mom was English so I grew up drinking tea the English way, with cream and sugar which is good but most herbal teas don't need anything added and are usually caffeine free, a plus at night. This giant teapot was the center piece at the gnome garden along with a giant teacup, perfect for my post today!

I must say, I'm surprised at the outcome of the election last night. I voted for McCain/Palin proudly, it had nothing to do with race, I'd gladly vote for a black man if I thought he was right for the country. Obama was unknown a year or so ago, he has not opened up his life to us like the others have, leaving so many issues and concerns in doubt. But he was elected by the people so I'm praying he will do right by us all. I didn't want to get into politics here but so many of you have and I respect your honesty. At least it's over and we can recover, move on and trust that all will be alright in the world.

My gratitude moment today is for my faith. I'm so blessed to be close to God, trusting and allowing his love to protect and guide us. Life is good because of him and there's not a day that goes by that I don't thank the good Lord for all I have. Each new day is a blessing, and I'm grateful for everything, everyone and everyday!


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