Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday Tea Giveaway

Thank you, all 29 of you who entered my holiday coffee giveaway, I never knew there were so many brands of coffee! I wish I could send you all something but I had to pick one lucky winner and after choosing a number from 1 to 29, the winner is........Heather, of Heather's Stitches! Congrats fellow coffee lover! Send me your mailing info. so I can pop the coffee in the mail soon before the holiday rush!

As promised, I'm hosting a Holiday Tea Giveaway, starting today. The rules are the same as the coffee giveaway, just leave a comment here on what is your favorite hot tea, it can be just plain old black tea or a flavored tea, I wanna hear all about it! One lucky winner will get a box of holiday tea to enjoy around the holidays. I love my herbal teas at night and right now, I'm hooked on Gingerbread Spice, so good and tames the tummy too! I'll leave this giveaway open till Dec. 1st. so spread the word!

Since I've covered coffee and now tea, can't forget hot cocoa! I may even do a giveaway for that too, way not? And now, they tell us that hot cocoa is good for us, woohoo! I love the dark cocoa so I was happy to find a homemade version that is alot cheaper than store bought, so my little giftie to you all is a easy recipe to make your own. This one combines coffee with cocoa so it's the best of both worlds!
Hot Cocoa Mocha
3 c. hot cocoa mix
1/2 c. instant coffee
3/4 t. cinnamon
1/2 c. mini marshmallows
Mix hot cocoa mix, instant coffee and cinnamon together. Store in air tight container. Give mix and marshmallows with serving directions:
Add 3 Tbsp. mix to 2/3 c. boiling water. Mix well.

This makes a nice little personal gift that can be placed in a pretty jar or decorative container, a sweet hostess giftie! Everyone loves homemade goodies from the heart of the home.

Today, I'm thankful for time, my time. We are empty nesters now and since we started our marriage with five kids between us, time alone was rare. We love our time now, together. But, I love my time alone too, in the afternoon, a few hours to myself before the hubby gets home and I have to start dinner. This time is when I blog, do crafts or garden as season permits. I also do laundry while blogs are loading or cleaning up but for one hour each afternoon, I take for myself and a cup of coffee. We all need this time alone, it does a mind good! So, I'm thankful that I get my afternoons to myself, well earned and much enjoyed! A happy wife, makes a happy life!


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