Monday, November 03, 2008

Gnome Garden

Deep in the Ozark woods, tucked away in a holler sits a old farmhouse that has been transformed into a little gnome garden for visitors during the fall months. The eldery couple who have worked long and hard to bring a vision to life are the sweetest pair. They open thier farm up to visitors near and far for a peek at their handy work and love of gnomes. Now, I've hardly been a fan of gnomes but this idea is cute and the grandkids loved it. There were paths to explore, gnomes in all shapes and sizes, placed everywhere the eye could see. This is gnome village with it's own lake.

This is one of two spooky trees made of concrete, very cleaver and a favorite of the kids. More photos to come tomorrow, just wanted to share our afternoon drive of yesterday with you all.
P.S. For some reason blogger has flipped the photos twice today?


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