Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wild Snowflakes

I'm a wildcrafter, if you don't believe me check out my other blog! I took my passion for herbs one step further and got into foraging for wild herbs and roots. I love the hunt as much as the fun things I make from my wildcrafting. Today, on the way home, my radar went off when I spotted some Queen Anne's Lace, not normally in bloom this late but giving me a second chance at making some wild snowflakes, since we were busy moving this summer, I didn't get to harvest any. This is such a simple yet fun way to preserve this pretty wild edible. All you do is collect the amount you want, cut off stem as close to the under side as you can. Lay flat on wax paper, covering it over when done. Find a big thick book for the next step. I use my big dictionary for pressing, if your lucky enough to have a flower press, that works fine too. Just place in the lower half of the book to press firmly, about a month does it.

Once nice and pressed, find a can of fake snow left over from Christmas, spray lightly to your liking or you can leave them natural looking. I like both ways. Once this is dry, spray with a light coat of hair spray to seal the whiteness in, hang with ribbon or wire and you have a set of wild snowflakes for your holiday tree. I have some from a few years ago that are still hanging in there, and once I decorate this holiday season, I'll show them off here.
Nature has so much to offer us, just for the taking. If you'd like to learn more about wildcrafting, start by reading the archives over at my other blog "Herbal Farmstead" where I share more fun, wild ways!


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