Friday, October 17, 2008


It's been awhile since I've been tagged so when I got word that Mandie from Life in the Craft Lane tagged me, I thought, why not! Thanks Mandie! I'm suspose to list 7 random things about myself, so in case you were ever wondering:

1. I'm a neat freak!
2. My great, great Uncle was Benjamin Franklin
3. I've been married more than once.
4. I'm a magazine junkie.
5. I can see some things happen before they do.
6. I'm addicted to Gilmore Girls.
7. I'm a hopeless romantic.
Thrilling isn't it! To play, I must choose 7 to carry the tag on, so I'll choose 7 blogs that I'd like to know more about. Rules are easy, link to your tagger, share 7 facts, random or weird and choose 7 others, of which you will notify and share links somewhere on your blog. So, join me in getting to know my 7 a little more:
1. Harbor Hon
2. Laura of Harvest Lane
3. Cates Linens
4. Tomatoe Creek Prims
5. Aunt Jo's Corner
6. Life in a Cordwood Cabin
7. Alpicks Treasures


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