Sunday, October 05, 2008

Pumpkin Tree

Somehow, we managed to get all four grandkids out to the pumpkin patch Saturday for photos, which later proved harder than getting them all together, but in the end we did get some pretty good shots, which I will be sharing during the week, a grandma's right! lol I really wanted a group photo here in front of the giant pumpkin tree but the sun was right in our eyes so we didn't even fight it. I was in fall heaven here, tons of HUGE mums, did I mention they were huge! Hubby bought me a daisy like mum since I don't have any of those, nice big blooms in a creamy light butter color. And I couldn't resist a huge purple one that I just had to have, esp. for the price, only $10. I've seen smaller ones going for $15 so that alone tempted me. And pumpkins galore, all sizes, colors and shapes, everywhere. The kids each got to pick one out for their own that will soon be cooked down for pie filling, so the kids will get to enjoy their pumpkins twice!
Our first annual fall fun night was a HUGE success, the kids had a blast on the hay ride and there was so much good food, we all left stuffed and happy! The turnout was great too, we had 26 show up, with each bringing a dish. We'll do it again next year, only bigger and better. It's my love of fall celebration for my family and friends. There's no other season that deserves such a honor, Gods glory is fall!


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