Monday, September 15, 2008

My Magazine

If only it were true, what a job that would be, a dream come true really! I'd love to start a magazine of my own someday, write a book and so on.....I got hooked in journalism class in junior high school, I always wrote poems but really took to articles as I got more experienced. I had planned to become a famous writer, or just a published one. I had alot in common with John Boy Walton and loved Mary Tyler Moore. I guess that is why I enjoy blogging so much, it gives me a outlet to express my thoughts and ideas, and thanks to the Internet, I have been published. But the dream of seeing your words in print hasn't faded, I keep working at it, aiming for more than a magazine article ( I guess that does count as being published, doesn't it? ). One day, till then, I can pretend I have my own magazine so look for it each month and if you'd like to play around with your editorial talents, just check out this fun site where you too can have a magazine cover and other fun things to keep your little dreams alive and kicking!


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