Thursday, September 11, 2008

Grands Playroom

Play, play, play! A room all their own, to color, read, and play!

I made this chalkboard just for the room so they would have one of their own since they like mine so much! May, Chloe, Dominik and Claire's playroom! The family cradle either had to be stored in the garage or used as a toy box, so it's safe.

A reading corner. I've still got to frame some of their art work for the walls but there are some photos hanging around on the cream walls. The curtains are demin, durable and kid friendly! I'm still finding ways to store the leftovers from the library but I will be posting photos soon. I don't know what happened, we left a smaller house for a bigger one yet I can't seem to find a place for the things that didn't go to the thrift store, and I've donated ALOT?


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