Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tasha Tudor

I just got a email from the Tasha Tudor website that talks about her memorial, I didn't even know she had passed. I love Tasha Tudor, she was a idol of mine, even at the age of 92, she continued to do the things she loved most, garden and paint. I first discovered Tasha's books at the library about 10 years ago, a beautiful gardening book about a little ole lady who lived in the wilds of Vermont as if she had lived 100 years ago. She preferred her wood cookstove over modern stoves, and oil lamps for light. With her beloved Corgis by her side, she tended to the prettiest gardens, painted lovely photos and wrote about it all from her secluded home.

I am sad over the news, she died June 18. I always wanted to go visit her home, I even sent her a birthday card and flower seeds last year, I hope she added my seeds to her garden, what a honor that would be! Now, more than ever, I'll have to find her books, esp. the one on her gardens, to grace my library. Tasha won't ever be forgotten in my heart, her spirit will live on in her books and paintings but her love of a simple life did rub off on me a decade ago, I can only hope to live as long and come to peace with the earth like Tasha did.
I'd love to hear your comments on Tasha, did you know of her and her works? Did you relate to this special lady? You can visit her memorial website here. I know heaven will forever bloom now.....


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