Thursday, August 07, 2008

Kitchen Tour

I hope you all checked out Hooked on Houses blogger tour, it kept me busy for a whole afternoon! I really enjoyed seeing how others have transformed their houses into homes. Such great ideas too, got my mind a thinkin, again! So, I wanted to share some other shots of my kitchen, since it is my favorite room in the house and I am still working on the craft room and library. The glass top stove came with the house, not my choice, in fact, I don't like it at all! I've burned a few dinners cuz I'm not used to the infrared heating plus my pans kinda scoot around, and there's no way I'm canning on that stove, so we are looking for another, regular stove. I did get spoiled with gas cooking but I'm getting used to electric, slowly!

This shot was taken from the sink looking into the dining room, it shows off my vintage collection of utensils. This kitchen was just meant for my stuff! Our heat wave has broke with clouds and rain expected and welcomed today plus gas is coming down too! Who ever thought we'd be glad to see $3.51 at the pumps! Now, if you haven't already, go check out the home tour, you won't be sorry!


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