Sunday, August 17, 2008

Craft Room Chic

Well, it's done, just about! Still got to make room for stuff, paint the door pink and alter the pink curtains on the door, but for the most part, my dream come true craft room is done! And I love it! I've gone with green and pink, I've loved those two colors together since I was in grade school, so why not use them to keep my creative juices flowing. I wanted green so no matter the season, I'd have some green to look at and since this room was built as a sunroom once, it houses my plants because of all the windows. As you can see, my dog Lou likes the room too!

It's been fun trying to find ways to store everything since this room doesn't have a closet, but I do have a wall of bookcases that holds most of it, no picture of that, still organizing. But I picked a good time to do this room, most every store in our little town had their back to school promotion going on with young, hip colors of everything, and I really lucked out with pink and green storage drawers that hold my fabric, sewing patterns, lace and threads. The old desk is another crafting spot along with the big table that will serve our scrap booking sessions and sewing projects.

And the last shot is my computer station and part of the scrapbook wall, that's where I do all my blogging! lol I'll try to get a shot of the whole scrapbook wall sometime, it's a special part of the room, with each family member, even the dog, has their own page of memories mounted so I can enjoy them everyday! This is my craft room and it's one of favorite rooms in the house, a dream come true really!
Thank you all so much for posting on my giveaway, and a extra hug to all who passed the giveaway onto their readers too! I've really enjoyed reading all the comments, fall decorating ideas, now I'm really ready to bring out my fall stash! I'll keep the giveaway open another week, just to see if I can get 100 posts and give many more a chance to share in my love of autumn. Coming soon: The library!


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