Friday, July 11, 2008

Yard Sale Season

I can't resist a good yard sale and the season is here! Usually on Saturday mornings we gather at our favorite spot for breakfast before combing the town for a good sale. A few weeks ago we were out to find carpet for our bedroom and came upon a huge yard sale, I almost passed it but quickly turned around, my left eye spotted a old desk. I've always wanted a little desk in the kitchen for all my recipes and now I have one for the fair price of only $5.00! I was thrilled and since it was my birthday that weekend, hubby couldn't say I didn't need it. It fits right in my new kitchen and once time allows, I'll fill it with all my recipes for a central station. One woman's trash is another's new treasure, money well spent and a great birthday treat for myself! Don't you just love the season!


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