Monday, June 02, 2008

Hill Top Haven

Finally, I can say the house I fell in love with a year ago, is ours! Welcome to Hill Top Haven, I've always wanted to name our place and this one came so easily, it sits on top of a hill and it's my haven! It's no mansion, it's not new either but it's ours! I love the old houses and don't want any house that is younger than me if I can help it, and this one is older than us so it's perfect! Last May, this was the second house I had looked at when I started house hunting, it had my heart topping the hill and I was in love at first site, I didn't even need to see inside! But the inside is big, it's a old house that has been added onto, giving us 3 bedrooms, a sunroom that has been converted back to a bedroom but this forth room will be my craft room, a bigger kitchen than what I have now with 2 ovens, 2.2 acres with such a pretty setting. We got the keys yesterday and took all the kids up there, the grand kids had fun running around. The poor place was left very dirty so I have my work cut out for me, and some work is needed, but that is what we wanted, we enjoy saving a place and making it our own and this place has so many possibilities! The work begins tonight, we have to rip up the old carpet, it looks like the renters overhauled a engine or two in the house! Then, I'll paint before the new carpet gets laid. My mind is running overtime with ideas, colors and layouts for each room! I just had to share our new place with you since some have asked. I took before photos inside this morning so I'll be sharing each room as they get completed. This house is a true example of faith, from the start I always knew it would be ours, only took a year but sometimes the best things are worth waiting for!


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