Friday, May 30, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

We all have them, mine is "Sex and the City", I got hooked only a year or so ago, but I can't deny watching it and the new movie coming out today should be enough excitement to hold me till I can rent it. I'm cheap, I can't see paying $8 at the theater when I can apply that money to the first season! The writer I wanted to be can relate to Carrie, not that I would write the articles she does, but the fact that she is a paying writer living in New York City, something I had hoped to do, a very long time ago. But I'm content to write on my blogs and the several magazine articles that I've had published. The main reason for watching was the romance between Carrie and Mr. Big, and the wedding will no short than grand, truly every girls dream wedding, I can hardly wait to see it! Anyone else watch this show, do you dare admit it? LOL Whatever your reason, the show was a huge hit and I'm hoping the movie does well so other T.V. shows will make a movie because now I'm hooked on "Gilmore Girls" and I'd love to see a reunion of "Friends"
So, what is your guilty pleasure? Do you dare tell? Everyone have a wonderful weekend, we hope to start moving outside stuff up to the new house and I'm already picking out paint colors, we also hope to paint next week before the new carpet gets laid! If you do go and see this movie, please share your comments with me, I'd love to see it beat out "Indiana Jones," no problem with that movie, I'll see it too, but I'd love to see the girls take the weekend!


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