Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wisteria Wishes

It doesn't feel like Tuesday, but I know it is, the calendar says so! But May is almost gone and we are still waiting for the renters in our new house to vacate, they have till the first but so do we. This move has been a long time coming and waiting has been the hardest part, but I know it all will come together soon and I'm trying to see past the first of June with positive thoughts. We want to have a garden, time allows if we cheat and buy plants, if any are even left by the time we need them? We will have to pay the new owner here rent if we are still here after the first, which will seem odd and more expenses to pay out, not to mention having everything switched over and hooked back up. I'm home today, packing some more, getting us down to the bare essentials, making lists and trying to stay sane! The weather calls for storms all weekend, but I will move in the rain, I just want to get in the house I fell in love with a year ago, to be able to call it ours, finally!
Ok, enough of the that, patience got the best of me there for a minute! I want to share this lovely vase of wild wisteria with you, a little giftie from the hubby. He came home the other day from walking the dog with several vines cut from some growing wild in the fence line. Don't you just love wisteria, the scent is lovely and the thought even more so. This kind and simple thing is what keeps me grounded ( except for little weak moments like above) during hardships like moving. So I grant you all wisteria wishes for peace and simplicity. Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable weekend, enjoy this short week!


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