Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update and Ideas

I'm back........and tired! For the last 4 days, we have been cleaning out sheds and outbuildings before the new owner does a walk through right before the closing, which was yesterday. I swear men keep ahold of more useless stuff, why is that? But everything looked "impressive" and the closing went well, we no longer own this place! And our new house should be ready by the first, so just 2 more weeks to finish up the packing. We've waited a year for this house, so I think a couple more weeks is do-able!

I've got so many ideas running around my head that I had to start a folder for them all. I'm trying to convince the hubby into blue and chocolate brown for our bedroom, he made a face and looked puzzled, even after showing him the combo in magazines and catalogs? So, I need your help here, what do you think of a blue and chocolate brown bedroom? I figured if enough of you left positive comments, I can show him that I'm not alone in this line of thinking. Maybe one wall can be painted in the chocolate brown, the wall that the bed sits on and the rest can be painted blue ( or vise aversa) with both colors being thrown about in pillows, curtains and accessories? I love both colors and really would love our bedroom done in these colors, so let me know what you think, and as always, I appreciate your input! Who wouldn't want to fall asleep or wake up in a chocolate colored bedroom?


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