Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Memories

I hope every Mom here had a Mother's Day full of blessings, as I did! We all know it's not the gifts, the meal eaten out or the cards sent, that matters most. It's the remembrance, the appreciation and the love. And I was blessed to get it all, five times over! This bench and lean to was a Mother's Day gift to me about 7 years ago, made by my hubby and kids, it's something I've always wanted. But it will have to stay with the house, not movable, anchored by strong hands, little hands and big hearts all working together to create this special spot for me. I've taken plenty of photos over the years showing the growth surrounding it, I will miss it, the smell of honeysuckle that climbs wildly over it but the memories will be packed and new ideas will be built at the new place. Moving is hard.
A reader was kind enough to send me the link to the cookie recipe for those adorable button cookies, and if you make them, let me know how they turned out and how you got them to look like buttons!
The packing continues, we close one week from today and hope to move by June 1. A big family yard sale is planned for this weekend so we should clean alot out that way, just hoping the weather is good? My heart goes out to all the tornado's victims from a line of storms that hit us on Saturday, but nothing like those affected on the Mo/Ok border. It's been a hard year for weather and it's not even half over yet? Mother Nature is a Mom too and I for one hope she gets her groove back soon!


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