Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I found another great Mother's Day giveaway for you, this one is for book lovers and the girls over at 5 minutes for Mom have a wonderful list of books to choose from too, so check it out, if you haven't already!
And while your blogging, I wanted to mention my other blogs have been updated. I know I neglect them compared to this one, but with the move and life in general, it gets hectic at times, but the Herbal Farmstead has some photos of my gardens from last year, I'm gonna miss my flowers but I do plan to thin some out and take cuttings with me. The new house has no landscaping and those 2 acres will be a blank canvas for me to play with once settled in. Praise Sisters started as a blog for my woman's group at church but is now for all Sisters who praise God and looking to share thoughts with others, so don't be shy to post, your all welcome! Good luck to all in the giveaways and if you win any mentioned here, please let me know!


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