Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Welcome April

I'm sure you all will agree, it's nice to turn the calender to April, finally! Does anyone know the story behind "April Fools Day"? It seems that way back when, New Years was on April 1st., and somewhere along the way, they changed it to Jan.1st. but some had a hard time remembering and would celebrate New Years on April 1st as they were used too, so they got made fun of and it became a prank, so April Fools day is really for those "fools" who kept thinking it was New Years Day. Funny huh!

March won't be missed here, last night we had yet another round of severe weather and MORE rain, up to 4 inches in some areas. Tornados were spotted up north of us, so I hope all the Missouri bloggers up there are safe and dry today. No one can remember so much rain in such a little time, in just 2 weeks we are up to 15-16 inches of rain in my area of the state. Good thing our ground can soak it up quickly but so many creeks are high, but the glory is shown in all the green grass and fields.

I want to thank those who donated to Boomers account in the previous post, and once I hear from Brin, I'll post the totals from her paypal account that will go to the family to help with expensives. I have three little grandchildren, Chloe being one of them, she enjoyed a warm March day to play in the grass and tiny violets. Her Dad, my son, is a Pastor, so Brin's story really tugged at my heart. Thank you again for proving that bloggers are the best!

Spring is closer now, and I'm itching to plant, but because of the move, I will have to wait, but were hoping to get moved in time to get a veggie garden in and I'll use the summer to make new beds and landscape the new yard. Packing has begun and I"m determined to sort and donate alot of it, anything that hasn't been used in the last year is out of here, now to get hubby to obey that rule! lol Welcome April, good to have you back!


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