Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blogging for Boomer

Bloggers are special people, this I know, it's proven just about every time I surf my list of favorite blogs or find new ones that will soon be added and shared. One of my all time favorite blogs is Messy, Thrilling Life, Brin is an amazing woman who shares her blessed life with such ease and inspiration. This week though, it's been hard to read her posts, without wanting to cry and help in some way, and I hope once you read about Boomer, you too will want to help. Brin's church family is feeling a heavy loss, the youth pastors very young son died the other day and the young family is under crisis trying to cope with the tragic loss and everyday life. Please head over to Brins blog and read all about it and then accept my challenge to give just $5.00 to help this little family out, Brin has set up a account at Paypal for your donation. I have already sent my donation in and have the info. you need to do the same, so as bloggers, we can make a difference and unite in such a good cause. If anyone would like to give $5.00 from their paypal account email me and I'll send you Brins addy needed to complete the transaction and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you and I know the Texas church family affected by this loss will be just as touched. Bloggers are special people and I'd love to send my readers over to Brins with open arms and kind hearts, so let's blog for Boomer and help a angel help a family. Prayers are welcomed and needed also, so please pass this onto your readers too, your the best!


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