Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pansy Power

It's officially spring at my house, I planted a pot of pansies! I just love these happy flowers, so colorful and strong, not even a ice storm can beat them down! If only we had that power when needed. I have written a article on pansies too that I will work on getting on my Herbal Farmstead blog soon. Walmart is slowly stocking garden plants and flowers, always rushing it but the excitement of spring is in the air and it's hard to control myself, I wanna buy and plant!
Blog party update, the winner of my custom clipboard is Lea of Farmhouse Blessings ! Congrats Lea, I"m so excited you won, I know you had signed up for the last giveaway too. So, email me your theme/colors or if you'd like a spring one and your mailing addy too. The blog party was so much fun and I appreciate all who signed up, nice to meet you and next year, I will get a earlier start so I can check out even more great blogs. Thanks to all of you! Happy Sunday!!


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