Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year

How would you like to have been born on leap year? Just think of it as growing older alot slower than the rest of us! Funny, how February is the month to have a leap year, does anyone really know how this happened? I've always found it odd but hey, a extra day is always good, esp. a friday! I'll be drawing the winning name for the custom clipboard over the weekend so you still have time if you haven't got signed up yet. Just scroll down to clipboards, tell me which one is your favorite and your entered to win one, made just for you!
I'm so glad March is here, the first signs of spring are peeking up through the earth, spring bulbs. Jonquils are always the first to show themeselves around here, so cheery and yellow. Our Home and Garden show is this weekend, always a sign of spring, with giveaways, free trees and tons of ideas. Just about all of us are going right after a hearty breakfast at our favorite cafe. Then a family dinner for a birthday boy, a full weekend with 65 predicted for the high! And don't forget to turn your clocks ahead NEXT weekend, yes, it's early this year, a real sign of spring! Here's hoping your weekend is a good one!


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