Saturday, February 02, 2008

4 You

I've been tagged with a new MeMe, all about the number 4 so since it's my lucky number, I'm playing along, here goes:

4 Movies I'd watch over and over: Bridges of Madison County, Waltons Homecoming, Under the Tuscan Sun and Ya Ya Sisterhood

4 Places I've lived: California, Nevada, Arkansas and Missouri

4 Shows I watch: Jericho, House, 24 and Oprah

4 Places I have been: Las Vegas, West Virginia, Oregon, Tennessee

4 People who email me: Allison, Marybeth, Bea and Melissa

4 Favorite things to eat: Chocolate, a good burger, pizza and brownies

4 Places I would rather be: In a new house, I'm always happy at home. Can't really think of anything else?

4 Things that I look forward to this year: Moving to a new house, Spring, Fall and Christmas time.

4 people to tag: Melissa, Allison, Laura and Joy

Have fun with it girls! We got snow finally the other day so I used that day at home to put out the Valentine things and since we got engaged on Valentines day, I like to add a wedding photo of us, as a reminder that the day of LOVE is real and gets better each year!


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